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Vouchers can be left “open” for the recipient to choose an Approach or to discuss with me before or at the time of the session.  Vouchers are valid for 12 months.


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People have sessions for many reasons and often for no apparent reason. Many just enjoy the time-out and benefits of having a regular Massage or want to use Reflexology for increased well-being or to help in Pregnancy, perhaps combined with Hypnosis for Childbirth for example. There is no better tonic than allowing time for Self, without guilt.

Essentially, I have realised that learning to be more aware of Self (personality; modalities; ego; body; energy; Spirituality; identity; conditioning; history, role, etc.) is a key factor in learning to understand why we develop the (often chronic and lifelong) constrictions which hold us back from blossoming as individuals and which, if ignored, often manifest in physical and emotional imbalances.

The object of my work is to naturally facilitate a state of relaxed awareness where you can feel safe to recognise and let go of these constrictions, which may include physical tension, feeling that your “energy” is out-of-balance/sorts, lack of self-worth/love or hindering behavioural patterns, as examples.

The list of Approaches represents my formal training in this work and the tools which I have chosen to work with. The orientation of working with these Approaches has evolved towards using them intuitively, either individually or in combination as a synthesis of my particular skills and experience.


Douglas Caird

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