Terms and Conditions

Reservations / Confirmations

All on-line requests are acknowledged within 24 hours. This will be via email (if a valid email address has been provided).
If you do not receive notification within 24 hours, please contact me directly by phone. Your booking is only confirmed once payment is received.


I accept payments by cash, cheque (made payable to Douglas Caird), online and by card machine.
Payment must be received at time of booking (in person); at time of session, or within 3 working days when booking on-line. Places on workshops or training courses will not be held for you unless payment (or an agreed deposit) is received in advance.


At your first treatment appointment, you will be asked to give full details of your current and historic health, including medication and to sign a declaration to the effect of this information being full and accurate. You must also notify me before any further sessions of any changes to your health or medication.
None of the treatments I am qualified to work with, including Reflexology are diagnostic. Some of the treatments have contra-indications (health conditions which may require a specific treatment to be adapted or deem it unsuitable for you), and therefore it is of vital importance that you disclose your full medical state and history at the time of the treatment.
In relation to training courses and workshops, you must inform the teacher, prior to the start of the class/workshop, if you suffer from any injuries, medical conditions or have begun taking any medication (not declared at the time of registration).

Refunds & Exchanges

Cancellations for treatments where payment is to be made in person must be made within 24 hours, otherwise payment in full will be due.
Refunds will only be issued in the event of cancellation by me and will not be issued for situations outside my control.


I will not be held responsible for your personal belongings while on any premises used for treatments or training courses/workshops.

Douglas Caird