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Massage is perhaps the oldest and simplest form of intentional therapeutic touch and may be defined as “any form of touch which has been found to give comfort or to promote good health”. Treated as a holistic entity, massage works on every level of one’s being, the “physical” being the most widely recognised. No less significant, however are the other aspects of the “body” which massage “touches” and thereby increases our awareness of – the “energy”, “emotional”, “mental“ and “spiritual” aspects.

Ouida West, in her wonderful book, The Magic of Massage (1984), defines massage succinctly and aptly as “any touch that is capable of evoking a change in the body”. She continues, “Even the lightest touch, when properly executed, may effectively stimulate circulation or alter the flow of energy within the body”.
There is now a bewildering range of Massage types to choose from, essentially all with the same objective – to evoke change in the body. Your choice of both the type of massage and the Therapist will usually be based upon one of the following: recommendation, informed choice or intuition.
The massage I offer is the massage that I feel intuitively is right for YOU at the time of the treatment, and based on my training and experience. If I feel that my massage will not be the best way forward for you, or I feel that another form of treatment would be more beneficial, I will suggest this. I am trained in Traditional Swedish Massage and Holistic Massage, Deep Tissue and Aromatherapy Massage Techniques, Hot Stone Massage, Indian Head Massage (Champissage) and Ayurvedic Massage Techniques.
I offer an Integrated Massage which is based on incorporating a range of techniques within a massage, based upon how you are feeling at the time of the treatment and on my intuition as the treatment progresses. (An Integrated Treatment is also offered which is similar, but not necessarily involving massage).

In having a massage, an “exchange” between two participants is automatically established. The success of any massage is therefore greatly influenced by the communication (enquiry/feedback/assurance) exchanged during the treatment. Such communication is often silent or expressed in few words.
Massage is also a profound form of interpersonal communication which, when introduced into an adult relationship, can directly and indirectly enhance awareness and communication on every level within that relationship. Massage for Couples Training is for those new to massage and who want to use it with their partners/wives/husbands.

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